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(The first book in the Bloodlust Chronicles series)
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Ms Moon snapped her fingers and pointed to her lap, then smoothing the fabric of her skirt across her slender thighs she said, 'Come here, Faith. Bend over my knee. We can get this unpleasantness over and done with now.' Faith's hesitation only lasted for a moment. She didn't want to surrender to this indignity but she knew she no longer had a choice. Reluctantly, making her unease obvious with every sullen step, she walked slowly to the choir mistress's chair. Studying the woman's face, searching for some trace of compassion that would tell her the woman was joking, or prepared to consider some alternative arrangement, she was disappointed to see Ms Moon remained adamant. 'Bend over my knee, Faith.'

The dark one is the cruellest of all vampires: renowned for his evil deeds and notorious for his depraved appetites. When a gypsy foretells his demise at the hands of the virtuous Faith, he plots to avoid the fate by robbing the girl of her virtue. The beautiful and austere Ms Moon is on a mission to train Faith for her forthcoming battle with evil. Employing a regime of the most punishing discipline, she exhibits a depravity that almost matches the dark one's perverse tastes. And the innocent and naive Faith - scared, alone and vulnerable in a foreign city - knows she has to endure Ms Moon's twisted tuition in order to meet the challenge of slaying the dark one...

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