book cover of Our Own Way

Our Own Way

(The first book in the Slice of Life Harem series)
A Novella by

Life sucks.

Gabe Harris has been clued into this fact for a long time now. In his mid-twenties, life has been nothing but low paying jobs, petty power-tripping bosses, and the worst roommates mankind has to offer. Bills, debt, and misery have haunted him for his entire adult life and, to make matters worse, it feels like his dream of being a writer is dead on arrival.

One fateful night, he decides to take control of his life and make his dream a reality. Diving into the strange world of online writing soon yields results, enough that he can move into his own place, even if it's a terrible studio apartment. As he finishes moving and prepares to pursue the life of a successful writer by any means necessary, the world throws something completely unexpected his way.

Ellen, a six foot five blonde goddess and former coworker, abruptly reenters his life as her own seemingly perfect existence is collapsing. When the two begin reconnecting, things start getting heated, and Gabe quickly learns that being a successful writer isn't the only thing he wants.

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