book cover of Taming Heather

Taming Heather

(The first book in the Cariboo Lunewulf series)
A novel by

Cariboo Lunewulf - Taming Heather By Lorie O'Clare Book 1 in the Cariboo Lunewulf series. Heather Graham had one thing in mind - furthering her career. And an expose on the werewolves in her community would do just that. All she needed was to get up close and personal with one of them, and she could write an article that would give her front-page coverage across the nation. Her career would skyrocket! And Marc McAllister was just the man - and werewolf - to help her do it. But when Marc realizes Heather's flirty behavior exists solely so she can exploit werewolves in her newspaper, he decides it's time to show little Miss Graham exactly how a werewolf behaves. And Marc McAllister isn't just any werewolf, but purebred Cariboo Lunewulf - wild, strong, aggressive and the quintessential alpha male. In a clash of wills, bodies and souls, Marc and Heather set off enough sparks to start a raging fire. Drawing the wild side out of Marc hits Heather with a bolt of lust that won't go away. Unexpectedly for Marc, he may just have met his match in the fiery little spitfire. But their biggest hurdle may not be with each other, but from another direction entirely.

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