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(The second book in the Bloodlust Chronicles series)
A novel by

He considered her coolly before drawing on his cigar. 'I think you need spanking,' he said, speaking through plumes of smoke.
The words sat between them like the exposure of an ugly secret. The skin on Charity's bare arms once again turned to gooseflesh, but this time she knew the response was generated by revulsion. It was impossible to believe he had genuinely suggested the reprimand and she shook her head with disbelief. 'You think I need... ' she said, incredulous.
'Spanking,' he confirmed. 'Don't make me say it again. You need a reminder of who's in charge and who follows orders. Get over my knee, Charity.'

The dark one, cruellest and most sexually depraved of all vampires, has been brought back from the grave. Lilah, his beautiful yet warped and sadistic sister, once again reigns by his side, and together they vow to exact revenge on those who dared to challenge them.

Youngest and most innocent of three virtuous sisters, Charity learns that she will be called on to fulfil an ancient prophecy. She is told there will be pain; she is warned there will be humiliation; and she is prepared to suffer a regime of cruel, degrading discipline.

But nothing has prepared her for the fact that she might - just might - relish these torments...

'And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.' I Corinthians: 13:13.

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