book cover of The Princess and the Peasant

The Princess and the Peasant

A novel by

Sloan has always been beautiful, and always been treated like a princess. She took it for granted and pretty much demanded it. Her boyfriend Jordan tells her how beautiful and sexy she is all the time, and men look at her with hunger and approval everywhere she goes. Jordan was an excellent boyfriend! He treated her like a princess ought to be treated, with respect. He was always gentle, always considerate, and always thoughtful! Except that now he’d graduated and was working like a dog as a junior lawyer. So Sloan was feeling neglected, and pouty.

With Jordan out of town, she decides to indulge her need for admiration and approval and goes dancing with her friend Hayley. But Hayley quickly finds a guy and disappears, and before Sloan can decide to go home she almost literally runs into Carl. Carl is an enormous man. But he’s one of those blue-collar types that works with their hands. He’s uncouth and certainly not in her class. But she does agree to dance with him, to flirt with him, and as they dance she finds a growing sense of heat, her imagination doing wicked things to her mind.

What would it be like with such a man? He was muscular, his hands were rough, and he hadn’t even gone to college. He was practically an animal! He probably even shopped at Walmart! He certainly wouldn’t treat her with the gentle respect Jordan did!

Carl takes her home and then takes her breath away. He’s just as rude, just as rough, just as uncouth as she’d suspected. He manhandles her and says crude things, and as he does he sparks a dark, fiery heat within her that soon blossoms into a feverish hunger and need! Carl introduces her to bondage, and makes it very clear he’s in charge and her only responsibility is to obey! Sloan is indignant, offended, outraged, and overwhelmed by the wild, edgy thrill of it all! Her inhibitions and willpower melt away, and she wallows in the role Carl creates for her.

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