book cover of Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door

A novel by

Chloe was a sweet girl, a bit naive, a bit of a nerd, in fact. She had eager hopes of joining the air force and working with missiles. Her new neighbor, however, has other ideas. Spotting her nude in her back yard, catching secret glimpses of her exploring her secret fantasies, he sets out to exploit and seduce her, to turn a girl with little sexual experience into a sexual submissive who would service his darkest and most perverted needs. Chloe suspects his aims, but is carried along by the hot thrill of discovery and forbidden sex. An old guy, old enough to be her father, disgusting, gross, and yet, strange and sophisticated. She thinks she can explore her bondage fantasies without it going further, without exposing her body or her soul, yet the older man soon persuades and seduces her into exploring ever darker and more submissive aspects of her sexual fantasies. No matter what rules she makes he will agree to, for he knows he can persuade her to cast them aside in the heat of passion - and does. Her bondage becomes tighter, her submission enforced with pleasure and discipline, until the thrill of her own humiliation has her trembling with heat and losing control.

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