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A man, tormented by the past, seeks revenge against powerful law-breakers in a totally unorthodox way. Hall Marshall has a plan to take out a group of sadistic slavers known as The Takers--he must infiltrate the group with a well-trained sex slave. A woman, an unwilling assistant, must learn the ways of sexual bondage and submission to survive. Shanel Fox, former cop, is kidnapped by Hall. Not realizing she is the bait for the trap, Shanel believes Hall has claimed her for himself. To survive, she must submit to his intense, life-and-body-changing training. When she discovers the truth, will she still be willing to become The Taker's next possession in order to save other women? But Hall and Shanel find out love has a way of taking its own captives. Hall goes against everything he believes he must do to properly train Shanel in this daring and dangerous assignment. Can he set aside his growing feelings to perfect their cover and turn her into the consummate sexual slave?

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