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Modern Erotic Library
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Kennedy Neil is a cop who hates rules. A detective with the N.Y.P.D, she has few inhibitions, and flaunts her beauty and sexuality, using it to distract and befuddle suspects and police alike. She's a wild child who can't be tamed - but who wants to be. And that is her ultimate secret. For as tough and independent minded as she is in life she's a sexual submissive whose passion is being utterly dominated, bound, brought to heel and used as thoroughly as possible. Kennedy's adventurous lifestyle takes a turn for the darker side when she meets a handsome and wealthy man in a club who knows just how rough she likes it. But then the roof falls in on them, literally, as they make love in the back room of the club, and Kennedy is drafted into the anti-terrorism squad to find the men responsible. She needs to use her skills to find the terrorists before they strike again, and to keep the identity of her mysterious new beau a secret. To make matters even more complex the FBI agent assigned is an old lover who wants to put a leash on her, perhaps quite literally.

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