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A Client of the Firm

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Emma is a brand new solicitor for a posh London firm. Tall and lovely, she does her best to give off a very businesslike and asexual appearance. Then she's assigned to take care of a brash, arrogant, and extremely wealthy American client. Jason Stone does and says whatever he feels like doing and saying, and if that includes expressing his appreciation for her fine body he'll do that too. Emma is both outraged and fascinated by the tall, powerfully built man, and despite herself, is seduced and overwhelmed by him.

So begins, for Emma, a stunning fall from her previous prim and proper existence to that of a submissive sexual possession. She is taken back to New York, to where he and others 'train' her, by melting away her inhibitions and making dark, kinky sex the enthralling focus of her entire existence!

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April 2019 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: A Client of the Firm
Author(s): JJ Argus
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