book cover of Escape the Island of Eldritch Lust

Escape the Island of Eldritch Lust

(The second book in the Princess to Pleasure Slave Adventure series)
A Novella by

In this standalone interactive journey of lusty horror YOU are the brave heroine!

Penelope Helsdottir was never cut out to be a monster huntress. She is too clumsy and timid. Not like her tough, older sister Kara and their legendary mother Hilda Helsdottir. Penny stays far away from battle and spends her time researching monsters in forbidden texts to help her mother and sister. But when Kara and Hilda go missing on a lost island of ancient evil, it is up to Penny to leave behind her soft life and journey to the island to find out what has happened to her family.

Become Penelope and learn the ways of hunting monsters as you choose your own adventure. Face off against twisted, Lovecraftian horrors in this darkly erotic fantasy adventure on an island overrun with monsters and cursed with blasphemous fertility. YOU will make the decisions for Penny and it could mean the difference between life, death, or something far, far worse. Unravel the truth of the cult of the Great One and destroy the horrors that threaten to consume mankind. Or embrace your inner evil and join with the eldritch darkness that haunts this strange island.

Includes 25 different interactive monster encounters like ogres, twisted goblinoids, scyllas, mimics, swamp amphibians, goat-horned demigods, and many more! Branching paths of virtue and corruption and multiple traveling companions will give you a reason to read the book more than once. With 83 different endings, most of them bad, this 460,000+ word epic will leave you terrified but unable to stop reading, even when you surrender to eldritch lust!

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