book cover of Dar The Ogress

Dar The Ogress

(The first book in the Elfborn Monk series)
A novel by

At least I was out in the air again. The past few days had been underground in a prison cell. I had hardly eaten since my capture. If I won my fight, I would win my freedom. Those were the rules. I was naked and bare-handed. So was my opponent. That didn’t make it an especially fair fight. I was strong and just short of six feet tall. My opponent was at least six-nine, maybe seven feet. An Ogress. Her size and slightly mottled skin gave her away. She was naked and bare-handed, too.

The story is related to The Guardian Maidens or Sturgil’s Mark. It isn’t a sequel, and it’s not necessary to read those stories first. But there are references to characters from The Wooden Sword, The Edge of Harmony, and the others.

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