book cover of Forced By the Stepbrother

Forced By the Stepbrother

(The fourth book in the Forced series)
A Novella by

Dancing for strange men was the biggest turn on I'd ever known. Until I met him. He was able to control me, make me hot, and make me need him, with nothing more than a look. But he was a fantasy. Just another client who worked me up and paid my bills. Until he found me, the real me. Now, he's backed me into a corner. His threats and promises, darkly whispered in tones of sex and violence, have bound me surer than the cruelest ropes. At first I was unsure, but now I know - him being my stepbrother is the least of my worries.

Standalone - no cliffhanger

Warning: This book contains situations involving forced seduction and dubious consent. If these are triggers for you, it's likely best for you to avoid this story. If not, get the popcorn and enjoy.

This is a dose of dirty that can be heard in one or two sittings

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