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(The third book in the Doms of Mountain Bend series)
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His focused attention took her away from the ice-cold abyss of her troubles, his touch guiding her into the heated brightness of an exploding sun.

Clayton Trebek doesn’t know what to make of the woman he finds sleeping in her car on his property. After ensuring she doesn’t need help, he thinks he’s seen the last of her until he catches sight of her around Mountain Bend after she said she was headed home. It’s not until she wanders into his club and shows signs of a submissive streak along with a wariness of answering personal questions that he suspects she’s dodging trouble.

Skye Anderson remembers nothing prior to rousing with a throbbing, bleeding head, a dead man sprawled on the bed next to her, and a woman claiming to be her best friend telling her he was her husband. Her blank memories send her fleeing the house in fear and she spends the next few weeks hanging around Mountain Bend. When there is no news about a murdered man, she grows more confused, and more drawn to the rancher intent on helping her.

Loneliness, worry, and fear draw her closer to Clayton, but the time comes when she has to return to the scene of the crime if she wants answers. Clayton isn’t about to let her go and enlists his friends’ help to find her, hoping he isn’t too late to save the woman he’s fallen hard for.

Please note that some reviews refer to an error within the e-book. This was a problem for a few hours on the day of release, but this has now been rectified. If you do not have a copy of the new version, you can redownload.

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