book cover of Undying Resilience

Undying Resilience

(The third book in the Ruthless Desires series)
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Falling for three hitmen has changed Wren’s life in every way imaginable. She’s never felt so cared for and cherished, but she still hasn’t gotten over the fear that came with getting swept into the guys’ last job.

When Elliot, Rhett, and Oliver have to leave town for a few days, Wren opts to stay home, too worried she’ll end up in danger if she goes with them. The guys take precautions to keep her safe, but they miscalculate just how desperate some of their enemies are for payback.

Alone, Wren gets kidnapped by a man who only cares about one thing: avenging his brother’s death. Meanwhile Elliot, Rhett, and Oliver are halfway across the country when they finally realize what’s going on.

While Wren fights to stay alive, the guys rush to get back. Promises are put to the test and questionable decisions are made as they get more and more desperate to find her. Wren knows the guys will come for her, but as her situation starts looking more and more dire, all four of them begin to have the same thought:

What if they’re too late?

Undying Resilience is the third book in the Ruthless Desires Series. It's a dark MMMF polyamorous/why choose romance book that contains high heat and dark themes. Please check the Before You Read section at the beginning of the book for more information.

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