book cover of Marrying the Mobster

Marrying the Mobster

(The first book in the Leave Me Breathless series)
A novel by

Raw. Visceral. Powerful. Victoria Vale brings a forced marriage, enemies-to-lovers mafia romance to the Leave Me Breathless Black Rose Collection....


I never believed rumors of mobsters ruling the Miami underworld, until I came face to face with Diego Pérez—the ruthless head of a Colombian crime family.

He says my father will die if he cannot pay back a loan he defaulted on. Our family is bankrupt, and Diego will accept nothing as collateral … except for me.

My father has 30 days to pay up or I’m dead … unless I can convince Diego to spare me.


Elena Aguilar is a means to an end, and I won’t hesitate to put a bullet in her head if her father doesn’t keep his word.

But then, the head of the Russian Yezhov Family wants to impose a marriage on me as a condition for our alliance. I refuse to allow the man to control me in this way.

Turns out, the enthralling Elena can be of use to me. She may try to fight me, but in the end, I always get what I want.

Elena Aguilar is mine … whether she wants to be or not.

* TRIGGER WARNING: This story includes depictions of violence and sexual assault; may be sensitive for some readers.

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