book cover of Raw III


(The third book in the Raw series)
A novel by

Jak has survived everything this island has thrown at him.

The savage Tolvar Tribe, the brutal beasts, the strange monsters, and the terrifying corrupted things that wander like the living dead out of the mysterious Barrens. He has faced and overcome every challenge so far, and has now formed a tribe of those unwanted or marked for death by their own people. Building his village in a prime location he took from the Tolvar warparty, he now lives with dozens of other exiles, including Rylee and Niri, his two beautiful bond-mates.

Things have been going well, but he knows the time to take the next step is here. The Tolvar have continued their attack on his forest, and when Nessa returns to join his cave for good, he knows the time has come to build alliances with the others he shares the forest with.

RAW contains tribe building, savage violence, and a harem of hot, primeval babes.

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