book cover of Dirty Plays

Dirty Plays

(The second book in the Florida Devils series)
A novel by

Zayn and I have been working hard to keep the relationship between us a secret. If we’re discovered after the Devil’s football organization forbid him to have any romantic relationships, he risks a possible suspension.

Zayn’s way of concealing our relationship is passing me off as his niece in order to explain why we’re together all of the time until the season is over. This crazy plan might just work if my ex, who is also Zayn’s nephew, stops trying to win me back and keeps his mouth shut.

This book is intended for an adult audience due to strong language and naughty situations. This book revolves around a curvy, sassy heroine and a possessive alpha male.
Dirty Plays is the second book in the Florida Devils Series and the books MUST be read in order. There is discussion of childhood abuse, suicide, and domestic violence but not actual depictions.

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