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Marie Treanor was born and brought up in Scotland, but for some years moved around the UK working and studying. Now she is back home and happily married with three young children. Having grown bored with city life, she lives these days in a picturesque village by the sea where she is lucky enough to enjoy herself avoiding housework and writing stories of romance and fantasy.
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Fairytale Fantasies (with Bonnie Dee)
   1. Cinderella Unmasked (2010)
   2. Demon Lover (2011)
   3. Awakening Beauty (2010)
   4. The Dancing Princess (2017)
   1. In His Wildest Dreams (2015)
   2. In Her Secret Fantasy (2015)
   3. In the Mists of Time (2016)
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   Killing Joe (2008)
   Ariadne's Thread (2008)
     aka Highland Heist
   City of the Damned (2008)
   Steamy Nights (2009)
   Gothic Dragon (2009)
   Requiem For Rab (2009)
   Magic Man (2009)
   The Devil and Via (2009)
   Hunting Karoly (2009)
   Willow the Wisp (2010)
   Freeing Al (2010)
   Seducing Scots (2010)
   Sex and the Single Princess (2013) (with Bonnie Dee)
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   Dragul Rising (2010)
   Rogue Warriors (2010)
   A Changeling For All Seasons 3 (2014) (with Camille Anthony, Lena Austin, Leila Brown, Kate Hill, Anne Kane, B J McCall, Tuesday Morrigan, Lacey Savage and Kira Stone)
   A Changeling For All Seasons 4 (2014) (with Lena Austin, Sean Michael Bailey, Isabella Jordan, Anne Kane, Marteeka Karland, B J McCall, Tuesday Richards, Lacey Savage and Cynthia Sax)
   A Changeling for All Seasons 6 (2015) (with Mychael Black, Stephanie Burke, Alice Gaines, B J McCall, Sean Michael, Ashlynn Monroe, Ayla Ruse, Cynthia Sax and Silvia Violet)
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