book cover of My Violent Valentine

My Violent Valentine

(The fifth book in the Brian and Mina's Holiday Hits series)
A Novella by

“Oh. My. God… this little series is getting more unhinged as we go and I am here for it.” ScarletFix, Goodreads

What is Brian hiding from me? What terrible truth do I not know?

The ominous warning of The Tower hangs between us, threatening to topple us to our doom.

I look for the answers behind the veil, asking fate to spill forth its secrets so that I can somehow save us before it’s too late.

And yet the sands keep falling through the hourglass as time races faster and faster, pushing us to our certain end.

This is the FINAL novella in Brian and Mina's Holiday Hits. This series is complete. HEA guaranteed.

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