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Price of Paradise

A novel by

What the boss wants…

Mae is seriously overworked and in desperate need of a vacation. The answer? A weekend of sun, sand, and margaritas in gorgeous Miami. Getting robbed was not on the agenda. And who should come to her rescue? None other than her boss, Gunner Price. Dark, dangerous, and wildly intoxicating—and the bane of her existence. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely accurate. Maybe she’s had the hots for the infuriating man from day one. On the flip side, she might as well be a slice of moldy bread in the back of the fridge for all he notices. So, why did he crash her vacation? And why is he staring at her as if he wants to strip her naked and devour every inch of her body?

Gunner has worked long hours to build his consulting business. While his friends were taking weekends off, he was in the office, sweating over figures. He doesn’t regret the choices he’s made in life. Except for one. Mae Hadley. He knew the minute the pretty redhead applied for the position of administrative assistant that he should’ve turned her down. But he’d let his libido do the talking. His concentration has been in the crapper ever since. Now, he aims to get her out of his system. One night in paradise, that’s all he needs to get his mind back on track. Before Mae’s vacation is over, Gunner intends to leave the woman breathless and begging for more.

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