book cover of Blood Price

Blood Price

(The fourth book in the Blood Lines series)
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Book 4 in the Blood Lines series

When Nikia awakens from her coma, the Protector of Corsova, fearing a repeat of the bloodshed her half-sister has caused in the past, sends a shape-shifter after her dangerous sibling. Atar's orders: Bring Nikia home to pay for her crimes with her life.

Utilizing his ability to track quarry by merging with their aura, he quickly locates Nikia, but underestimates her desire for a chance at a new life free of her mother's mental possession. Atar's arrogance in his abilities becomes his downfall as Nikia leads the Makheet on a passionate chase through Europe. Each time these two opposing forces meet, the heat builds higher and hotter, leaving Atar's mind in flux. He knows Nikia to be a cold-blooded murderer, yet her aura reads innocent.

Before he can unravel his conflicting emotions and the mystery of Nikia, a new player enters the field, forcing the ardent opponents into a reluctant partnership as they battle for their lives and struggle not to fall in love.

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