book cover of Ridin\' the Rails

Ridin' the Rails

A novel by

When sci-fi author Naomi Gibson is told to spice up her books, she sees her career spiraling into oblivion. Her agent tells her the name of the game in women's fiction is hot, raw, give-it-to-me-now, don't-make-me-hurt-you, boy, sex and she needs to turn up the steam to stay in the game. Well that would be fine, except Naomi doesn't do hot-and hasn't a clue how to turn on the heat. Her agent suggests she loosen up and find inspiration, and she doesin an erotic weekend encounter with sexy corporate attorney, Brice Anders. The feelings he arouses in her leave Naomi shaken, trembling, completely inspiredand scared. After spending weeks trying to get the curvaceous, sexy author out of his mind, Brice is both relieved and angry when he finds himself traveling on the same train with Naomi. When he learns their interlude was only meant to feed her muse, he sets out to seduce her, but this time he'll give her exactly what she wants-sex-nasty, hot, screaming-when-she-comes-sex. The next time she won't find it so easy to walk away.