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Make It Last

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Karina Woodson works long and hard to make her web-design business, Design of a Lifetime, a success. So much so that she's totally neglected her nonexistent love life. When her best friend tells her she needs to loosen up and expand her horizons, Karina takes her suggestion to heart. A one-night stand with a sexy, blue-eyed, stranger turns into an erotic adventure beyond her wildest imagination. Karina wonders if she's just made the stupidest mistake of her life or if there can be something more between them than one night of out-of-this-world, erotic pleasure. When Cooper Tolson meets the sexy, slightly frumpy Karina, there's just something about the sway of her full hips and her off-the-wall sense of humor that captures his attention along with his libido. What he doesn't count on is the effect their night of pleasure will have on him. He's unable to get the pretty, full-figured designer out of his mind and he sets out on a course to convince her that their night of pleasure can be something more. Pull My Hair What's a woman to do when her man no longer notices her? Liza and Greg have been married for seven years and her husband no longer pulls her hair. No more long, extended love play, spankings or sweet kisses...nothing but let's get this over with sex. Sex has become mechanical and the only time Liza catches a thrill is when Greg needs an itch scratched. Enough is enough when she cuts off all her glorious locks and Greg doesn't even notice! She is determined to figure out what has gone wrong, and how to get her man to notice her again. After seven years of marriage, Greg realizes he doesn't know his wife and is tired of the game she's playing. He too misses the sweet love they once shared, but a recent surprise from the past shows him that his wife has hidden part of herself from him and has him wondering what else she has hidden. Will Liza and Greg get past the lies and half-truths to rediscover a love worth fighting for, or is their once hot, loving marriage doomed for failure?