book cover of Outcast


(The second book in the True Kin Vampire Tales series)
A novel by

Book 2 of the True Kin Vampire Tales Countess Adrienne Rouchard is beautiful, strong, passionate - and a vampire. Cast out of the True Kin vampire community for turning a human without the Elders' approval, she has been a fugitive these past hundred years, slipping in and out of the darkness as she seeks the human blood she must have to stay alive. Adrienne has left a trail of lovers over the centuries, but none has pierced her heart like the vampire Daniel O'Shay. A chance meeting in a marketplace rekindles a passion she had thought lost forever. Hunted and pursued by friend and foe alike, Adrienne is only one step ahead of those who seek her. Drenched with intrigue, adventure and desire, Outcast is a paranormal romance filled with action and suspense, with mysteries to unravel and darkness in every corner.

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