book cover of Watchers


(The first book in the Watchers series)
A novel by

When Dr. Claire Collins was hired by the state of Florida to aid in investigating the epidemic of sinkholes, she didn't expect to find herself the victim of one. And she certainly didn't expect to see what was in the cavern the sinkhole revealed.

Dante was a watcher, exiled from his home world, and commanded to protect the human race. He was forbidden to take a human woman as a lover or mate, but Claire was hard to resist.

Dominic 'Nick' DeCarlo was a Navy SEAL and a happy-go-lucky flirt, but Claire was the one woman he wanted to keep.

Unfortunately, the damned alien birdman already had her in his sights.

Reg. 7.99 -- now 4.99
Length: Epic/trilogy
Word Count: 133,157
Genre: Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance
Rating: Erotic/Spicy--multiple sexual partners

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