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Surrender To Pleasure

(Book 20 in the Secrets series)
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In Victorian England, a woman's lot is to tend to her husband's hearth and to bear his heirs. But what happens after one has done that?

Isabella, widowed Lady Langdon, escapes into fantasies about a most unsuitable man--an outcast of mixed English and Turkish blood. Julian Gresham is exotic and mysterious, and his eyes convey a deep yearning Isabella is only too willing to give in to. His skillful hands awaken her to illicit pleasure.

To My Readers: Enjoy the fantasy of a younger man teaching an older woman.  Thank you to all the readers who write to me, requesting more historical erotic romances! I hope this one pleases.

One week Tyler is a hot game designer, in sight of her first million and signing the deal of her life. The next week, she's on the run for her life. Who can she trust? Certainly not sexy, mysterious Esau, who keeps showing up after the hoo-hah hits the fan!

Long ago, overcome by the loss of his mate and children, Esau devoted his being to his pack. Then he finds a woman who needs him fully alive, fully alpha. His duty requires him to track her down and deliver her to her enemies. To save her, he must give up everything he thought he had, and become more than he ever thought he could be.

She's slipped into Sebastian Maiocco's life to  investigate his family, a Sicilian mafia clan making moves into New York. Dark and dangerous, Sebastian unearths licentious desires Madeline cannot deny. She must surrender to him or risk exposure, leaving her an open target for his ruthless clan.

Only, if she surrenders, Madeline's heart will be in danger.

To My Readers: What woman hasn't fantasized about a man as handsome as he is dangerous?  If only happily ever after didn't come with a price...

Morgann Right's Commanding Officer--cool, calm, always-in-control Osborn Welty--has been drugged with Stasis, becoming a living statue she's forced to take care of over the course of ten long days. Despite their mutual desire, touching him intimately might haunt them both when the Stasis wears off.

To My Readers: What would you do if a man you've secretly desired becomes helpless, yours to do with as you will? As days drag on and he silently begs you to touch him, would you? Or would you hold firm, knowing it will be your only chance to have him?

Paperback Editions

July 2007 : USA Paperback

Title: Secrets, Vol. 20: Surrender to Pleasure
Author(s): Amber Green, Charlotte Featherstone, Leigh Wyndfield, Dominique Sinclair
ISBN: 1-60310-000-8 / 978-1-60310-000-7 (USA edition)
Publisher: Red Sage Pub Inc
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