book cover of Secrets Volume 7

Secrets Volume 7

(The seventh book in the Secrets series)
A collection of stories by

Angela Knight- Kissing the Hunter

Navy Seal Logan McLean hunts the vampires who murdered his wife. Virginia Hart is a sexy vampire searching for her lost soul mate only to find him in a mind determined to kill her. In KISSING THE HUNTER, she must convince him all vampires aren't created equally -- hunting her won't save his soul, only loving her will.

To My Readers:There’s something about a handsome, deadly warrior determined to do his duty no matter what. The idea of being in the sights of a man like that is almost as intriguing as it is terrifying. Most of us know we’d never be able to handle it — but what if we could? Wouldn’t it be fun to try?

This story is dedicated to my fellow “S.P.s” at, who’ve been waiting for it with great impatience for the past year. I teased them unmercifully with excerpts and basked in their enthusiasm. Now they finally get to read the whole thing. I just hope it lives up to their expectations — and yours.

Julia Wells- Amelia's Innocence

Captain Quentin Hawke won the right to take Amelia's Innocence. She did not know her father bet her in a card game, so honor demands a compromise --Three days of erotic foreplay, leaving her virginity and future intact. Can Quentin resist this irresistible maiden?

To My Readers: Step back in time with me to an age of tall ships and high adventure. Watch closely as a maiden boards a ship by dark of night — a maiden whose future was just bartered away in a reckless game of chance. Learn her fate as we set sail aboard the Soul-Catcher.

Jade Lawless - The Woman of His Dreams

From the day artist Gray Avonaco moves in next door, Joanna Morgan is plagued by provocative dreams. But what she believes is unrequited lust, Gray sees as another chance to be with the women he loves. He must persuade her that even death can't stop true love-- before he loses The Woman of His Dreams forever.

To My Readers: I hope you enjoy my fantasy tale of two lovers parted by death and reunited again in the present. Although they exist in my heart, the characters are in reality fictional and are not based on anyone living or dead. In my story I made a creative choice not to use birth control. In real life I strongly advocate safe sex.

Kathryn Anne Dubois - Surrender

In SURRENDER, free-spirited Lady Johanna wants no part of the binding strictures society imposes with her marriage to the powerful Duke of Chandlemare. She doesn't know the dark Duke intends more than a conventional marriage -- he wants sensual adventure, sexual satisfaction, and ultimately, her surrender.

To My Readers: In this complex, faced paced world, what a delight it is to escape into delicious fantasy. No less delicious is the writing of it. I hope you adore Nicholas as much as I do. And I hope you’d like to be Johanna… for just one night, by embracing the story. As a debut writer with Red Sage, I would love to hear from you!

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