book cover of Stuck on the Single Dad\'s Mountain

Stuck on the Single Dad's Mountain

(The second book in the Mountain Daddies series)
A novel by

When twenty-six-year old Carrie decides to visit to her friend's house in Riverside Falls on a whim, she doesn't expect to get into an accident and fall off the cliff. Carrie wakes up in bed days later, discovered by a hot mountain man who makes her body burn with desire. She would make a move on him too, if only she could remember who she was. Carrie realizes that she's all alone, her car and memories gone, and the only person she can rely on is the burly single dad she's attracted to.
Luke has been a single dad since his wife passed away years ago. When his son, Mason, finds an unconscious woman on their mountain, his instinct is to help. However, 'Carrie' doesn't remember anything about her past, and now, she's living with him. He would he happy about it if he wasn't so attracted to her. After his attempts at resisting fail, he gives into his attraction one night at the local diner.
Soon, Luke and Carrie are steaming up the house, unable to keep their hands off each other. Luke isn't going to stop until he puts a baby in his baby girl's stomach, but what will happen once she remembers her past?

Stuck on the Single Dad's Mountain is a steamy age gap small town romance with a a protective single dad, a younger woman with a case of amnesia, lots of steamy, baby-making times, and some milking. One-click for a hot read.

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