book cover of Samuel\'s Bloody Obsession

Samuel's Bloody Obsession

(A book in the Monster series)
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◆Less Plot More Spice - Short Novella◆

Spin-off from Venomous Vampire: The Monster Series

Samuel’s Bloody Obsession

Samuel has been beside himself. His mate, Charlotte, wanted nothing to do with him. He lived in cold wet Scotland trying to woo his perfect mate, to no avail. He knew he had to tread carefully, as Charlotte had a deep-seated hatred for vampires since her captivity. But when he scented another vampire in the area, he took matters into his own hands.

No one would ever harm his mate again, not as long as his heartless body lived. Her blood was his, and his alone.

Charlotte tried her best to resume her life in Elgin. One handsome, obsessive vampire who followed her home wouldn’t leave her alone. He stalked her every move, accosted her at every opportunity, and weaselled his way into her community. When she finds herself in danger���things get bloody.

Standalone book, but it's best to read Venomous Vampire first.
18+ Only due to graphic content.
This is not a dark title.
Scottish dialect and British spelling throughout.

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