book cover of Tainted Obsession

Tainted Obsession

(The first book in the King of Ruin series)
A novel by


The last thing I can remember is the rough hands that grabbed me from behind and the rank scent of the cloth that was forced over my face.

I hear my captors saying that they're keeping me as a hostage. Until they no longer have a use for me.

Then there's pain, a feral roar of rage, and the world disappears.


I found them brutalizing her, and I made them pay with their lives.

My criminal world is steeped in blood and violence, but she's innocent, and I won't allow them to hurt her ever again.

I stalk her from the shadows, memorizing every shy smile and small gesture of kindness.

When corrupt men threaten her once again, I don't have a choice: I take her for myself, for her own protection.

Once I have her under my control, my fascination deepens to obsession.

I'll do anything to keep her, devising the most deviant seduction to make her mine.

She'll be so addicted to my touch that she'll never want to leave.

Evelyn belongs to me, body and soul.

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