book cover of Private Riley

Private Riley

(The third book in the Riley's Time Travel Adventures series)
A novel by

Sometimes it takes a woman to disarm the most powerful men…

When Riley’s time machine transports her to WWII Nazi Germany, she finds herself in a platoon of special forces commandos. Their mission is to infiltrate the office of a top SS general and uncover plans for the Wehrmacht’s next strike.

Riley’s job is to get close enough to the general to earn his trust and find the location of his top secret documents. But when one of her teammates is captured and her cover is blown, she and her team must use all of their special skills to escape the tightening dragnet.

When she exposes plans for the advanced development of nuclear weapons, the team decides to blow up the plant used to enrich the necessary uranium and abduct their top scientist. The fate of millions of allied soldiers and the balance of power hangs in the balance while Riley distracts the military brass long enough to turn the tide in the war…

Riley’s Time Travel Adventures is a continuing series of erotic short stories where young college student Riley uses her newfound time machine to transport from one historical time and place to another.

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