book cover of Harlot Knight

Harlot Knight

(The first book in the Goblin Layer series)
A Novella by

She's going from harlot to Harlot Knight! Sophie Almodóvar has been cursed with a fiendish mark that makes her crave pleasure for strength. Will she be strong enough to undertake an epic adventure to restore her family's good name? Sophie is betting her butt on it!

Heresy! A blasphemous betrayal by Sophie Almodóvar's stepmother has left Sophie and her sister marked by the Old Gods and cursed to only find sustenance in sexual pleasure. Sophie's father was murdered and her sister was locked away as mad by the church. Sophie was set free, but was a prisoner of the invisible mark on her neck. She fled far from her family's shame to an island ruled by pirates. She took up the life of a common whore, working out of the Cutthroat's Refuge and selling herself for a few coins and the pleasure she needed to survive.

After six years of such hedonism, Sophie's life as a harlot is about to change. A friend of the family has sought her out at the Cutthroat's Refuge. Sir Guzman has found Sophie's sister and believes she and Sophie both are in danger. With the help of an old priest, Sophie can restore her family's good name. She cannot conquer the demon that haunts her body, but maybe she can put it to use as a knight errant. She will become not just any questing knight, but one who defeats her foes with her unquenchable lust.

Sophie will become the Harlot Knight! Fearless, beautiful, and insatiable!

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