book cover of Submitting to the Football Team

Submitting to the Football Team

(A book in the Straight to Gay Shorts series)
A Novella by

I had goals. Goals that required me making the college football team even if it meant becoming the team's toy.

But the tryouts weren’t what I expected. What started off as a normal audition, quickly ended up with me on my knees while the team used me as their toy.

Their captain and ace player, Ryker, demanded relentless loyalty from his team, and in order to prove mine, I had to do something I had never done before.

I had to pleasure the team, become their plaything for the night and do whatever they asked of me.

The thing is, I was straight. I had never even considered touching another man before. But when a bunch of hot jocks lined up for you, well, it would turn anybody gay for a night.

This 8,000 words short contains MMM action with light exhibitionism and edging as Finn works his way through the football team in hopes of making the cut.

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