book cover of Lesson Four

Lesson Four

Bondage Training
(The fourth book in the Professor's Pet series)
A Novella by

I’m bound in bright pink ropes, while my professor teaches his students the art of shibari.

It makes me hot, having all their eyes on me as he uses my body to create a work of art. The promise of a big reward hung by a thread. All I had to do was be a good pet, and let him use me as needed.

Then I could fulfill a dirty fantasy of mine. One where my privates are all wrapped up and denied in those pink ropes. I wanted to be consumed by both pain and pleasure.

Except that, I’ve been caught by my adorably shy roommate. He found my dirty toy stash, and now my Sir wants me to try and seduce him into becoming my submissive.

This 9k short story involves bondage, denial, and lots of steamy action. For mature audiences only. Best read in order of series but can be read as a standalone.