book cover of The First Casting

The First Casting

(The first book in the Eight Squared Productions series)
A Novella by

Colin always loved the movies. Since he was a child he'd dreamed of making films. Now he's twenty-four, has a degree in film, eighty grand in student debt, and a pile of rejection letters from every company he's applied to. Barely able to make rent, he's giving up on his dreams of making films for a living. He also hasn't gotten laid for a year.

His roommate Dan doesn't have that last problem, he brings home a new girl almost every weekend and tonight is no different. At least not until she sees all of Colin's equipment around the apartment. Danielle has a proposition for Colin, one that makes him equally nervous and excited.

It may not be what Colin pictured, but with Dan and Danielle's help Colin might just make it big.

This work is intended for a mature audience (18+) and contains graphic descriptions of sexual activities between consenting adults.

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