book cover of Claimed by his Bodyguard

Claimed by his Bodyguard

(A book in the Straight to Gay Shorts series)
A Novella by

This bratty popstar was going to get exactly what he deserved.

I’m big, strong, and as straight as they come. My whole life I’ve been surrounded by beautiful, submissive women begging to spend the night with me. Everything was perfect.

Until world-famous popstar, Ace changed my life forever.

He’s bratty, whiny, and always wants his way. He should be driving me crazy - but something about him brings out my sadistic streak. I’ve had more hot women than I could ever count. So why do I keep fantasizing about him begging on his knees?

I thought I’d left my past as a professional Dom behind me but Ace’s brattiness had rekindled that old fire in a way I never expected. Now that my secret was out, I planned to punish him who revealed it. This might be my first time with a guy, but it wasn’t my first time taming a brat.

This 7,500 words straight-to-gay erotic short contains heavy impact play, humiliation, and BDSM elements as Ace attempts to seduce his bodyguard into becoming his Master.

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