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Straight Sailor Gay Seduction

A Novella by

Dale is the new sailor on the ship, the "greenhorn" they all call him. It doesn't take long before Dale catches the affections of his fellow crew mates. An older sailor propositions him with a mutual blowjob on the first night and Dale, being a straight guy, is appalled at the offer. It's not long before he gives in to the warmth and pleasure he finds in the older man's mouth, and soon he's servicing the rest of the crew - even the Captain!

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

He unzipped his sleeping bag and climbed into it, but didn't pull the top over him. It was too warm here in these confined, almost claustrophobic quarters. Other men had done the same thing, preferring just to lie on top with nothing on but their boxers or briefs.

Next to him, Kevin abruptly threw back his cover. He lay on his side, and since Dale was lying on his side facing him, their faces were only about a foot apart.

"Hot, isn't it?" Kevin said, in a low voice. His gray eyes were open. He gazed at Dale, his thin lips twisted into a slight, wry smile.
"Too warm," he whispered back, "Hard to sleep."
"I know," murmured Kevin. He shifted position some. Like some of the others, he wore no shirt, and he only had on a pair of white briefs. This revealed not only a slender body, one taut-muscled from long hours of working the seiner's nets, but a well-stuffed crotch, as well. Lines, no doubt a result of the harsh weather conditions he endured at sea, etched his tanned face. Rather than detracting from his looks, they seemed to define them, gave Kevin character. Dale wondered if he had a girl in every port, for many a woman would be attracted to such features.

"You know," Kevin whispered, "maybe you just need to relax. It's always tough the first night out for a greenhorn."
Dale gave what passed for a shrug, since he was still lying on his side. "I didn't bringing any sleeping pills with me." This he meant as a joke.

"There is another way."
"Huh? What's that?"
"A good blowjob gives a lot of relief. Would you like one?"
"What?" Dale hissed this out more loudly then he meant to do.
Kevin just put a warning finger to his lips, before whispering, "Some of the guys are actually sleeping. You don't want to wake them. They get really pissed when that happens."

"Well, what kind of crack was that?"
"An honest one. I'll do you the service of sucking you off, and you can sixty-nine me at the same time. That way, we'll both relax, and maybe get some sleep."
"I won't do any such thing and neither will you," Dale said in a low, but angry voice. "I'm going to sleep. You should, too."

"No, I don't think so," Kevin said. Suddenly, he sat up and flipped himself around so his head was towards Dale's bare feet. "I need a good blowjob, and I'm in the mood to chew on some tube steak, too."

Even as Dale started to turn away from him, Kevin reached out, and with one powerful hand, stopped him. The next thing he knew, the man had jerked Dale's boxers to down around his knees. In one deft move, he leaned forward and engulfed Dale's flaccid prick in his hot, moist mouth. He started rolling Dale's prick around there, using his tongue to tease at it.

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