book cover of The Hunter\'s Pet

The Hunter's Pet

(A book in the Possessive Protective Sci-Fi Alien Romance series)
A Novella by

A wild girl, and the man who must tame her.

The wild lands are places city dwellers never go, save for the hunters who must enter those feral lands to bring back rare protein.
A hunter is only as good as his pet, but William has none.
Until he spots a green haired female running free.
She does not want to be caught.
She does not want to be tamed.
She does not want to be his.

He will domesticate her.
He will feed her. Clothe her. Tend to her every need.
He will also discipline her - at first when he must, and more when it becomes clear his purring little pet enjoys a firm hand. He will train her to do his bidding and to be good and obedient.
If he is successful, she will become more than his pet. She will become his mate.

The Hunter's Pet was first released in 2014 under the same title.

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