book cover of Alice


(The first book in the Modern Wicked Fairy Tales series)
A Novella by


In this modern version of the fairy tale classic, Alice is madly in love with a man who taps into her naturally submissive nature and introduces her to the pleasurably painful delights of the BDSM world. When her Wade Knight sends a car to take her to a strange and wonderful new place, Alice finds herself in a very sticky situation where everything is upside down and nothing is as it seems.

Warnings: This title contains elements of bdsm including spanking and mild femdom as well as strange, sexy and surreal situations that may cause sweatiness, dizziness and a sudden desire to engage in naughtiness.


"You threaten to drown us all." He chuckled, replacing his tongue with his thumb as he stood between her thighs. His face was covered with her slick wetness. She whimpered as he continued to rub her throbbing clit, eliciting shuddering aftershocks for his cock's delight. The head of it was pressed against her hole, poised at the entrance, aimed and ready, but waiting.

"Do you want me to fuck you, Alice?"

She looked at him through a blurry haze of lust, her body singing with it like a tuning fork. She couldn't tell him no. Even if she'd wanted to--and she decidedly did not--the word "no" wouldn't come from her throat.

She groaned and gave in to it. "Yes. Oh yes, please."

"What do you want?" he asked again. Snapping his fingers, something appeared, another string or thread, and there was a silver thing attached to it. Alice watched as he slipped something over the nub of her hard, pink nipple.

She squealed when she felt it tighten.

"What do you want?" He snapped his fingers again and this time she knew what would appear, where it would go, how she would writhe and moan and grit her teeth.

"I want you to fuck me," she whispered, eyes half-closed, feeling the throbbing promise of his cock between her thighs.

"No." He chuckled, tweaking her nipple, and the thing tightened again. She squeaked in surprise, biting her lip to draw sensation away from the spot. "Tell me what you really want."

What did she really want? She wanted Wade. She wanted a forever life with him, doing whatever he wanted to do, as long as she could follow him. She wanted to love and be loved, to give herself completely, to empty herself, body, mind and soul, and then to be filled up again with him.

Alice moaned when he tweaked both nipples, as if tuning a radio dial, tightening the fasteners and sending hot waves of pain and pleasure down between her thighs.

"I want..." she whispered, feeling his hips shifting, just barely, teasing her with the mushroom head of his cock. Wade, I love you, this is all for you, everything for you. She closed her eyes and let herself go limp. "To surrender."

He gave a low, triumphant growl and thrust deep, taking her pussy to the hilt and then digging in a little more. Alice cried out in surprise. She'd anticipated the size of him, but not quite enough. He began to fuck her, using long, teasing strokes, his big hands gripping her hips so hard she knew she would have bruises on the soft flesh of her behind.

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