book cover of Ruthless Hunter

Ruthless Hunter

(The first book in the Institute series)
A novel by

She ran from me...but she won't get far...

Pretty, plain Annalise Eden.

She's the one they secretly call 'the Ghost'.

The daughter of a man who's made my family millions.

Millions she stole thinking she's saving her father.

But she's wrong.

Wrong about it all...

About him.

About me.

Especially about me.

She's run to a place she thinks is safe.

An island that's heavily guarded in the middle of nowhere.

Filled with those like me...

Rich. Dangerous. Mafia.

But hiding amongst my kind won't save her.

I'll hunt her. I'll corner her. I'll claim her too.

I'll show her exactly who I am.

And when she falls for me she won't ever run from me again.

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