book cover of Crucible and the Crown

Crucible and the Crown

(The third book in the Misfits of Magic series)
A novel by

The path to the throne is paved with wicked intentions…

Micah Volt and Jaqueline Frost have been blissfully in love ever since they first discovered they were mates, but their relationship hasn’t exactly been free of problems. As the future Queen of the Winter Kingdom, Jackie’s status comes with a ton of expectations and responsibilities, but at least she no longer has to bear those heavy burdens alone.

As a dark angel-mage hybrid, Micah is a powerful supernatural. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exactly make him an ideal ruler of a fae kingdom. In fact, there are many fae, including the current king and queen, who wish he would simply cut ties with his mate and return to the Hell Realm where he belongs. Even so, Micah is determined to make the best of the situation and proudly rule by Jackie’s side.

However, someone is determined to make sure that never happens.

Forced to participate in an ancient ritual, Jackie and Micah will have to use all of their strength, knowledge, and magic to prove they are worthy to be the next king and queen. Trapped in a deadly game of succession, the only way to win is to survive. Will they defeat the crucible to claim the throne, or will the secrets they uncover end up destroying everything they hold dear?

***Although it is recommended you read the series in order, you can be a rebel and skip around if you please. Each book will focus on different MCs, but previous characters will make appearances. This series is intended for a mature audience due to language and content. Do not bother reading if you don’t like fated mates, insta-attraction, and sugary sweet happily ever afters.***

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