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The Queen of Midnight

(The second book in the Shadow Fae series)
A novel by

My name is Lily. I’m a divorced, middle-aged mom and also…the rightful ruler of the Dark Fae? I know, it sounds crazy. There’s no way I can be the Lost Princess everyone’s been looking for. But try telling that that to Krynn and Sel, the two muscular Fae warriors who are now my protectors. They're determined to keep me safe and satiate my intense new cravings for blood and sex. But will I survive to become...the Queen of Midnight?

Seldarin and Krynn are Dark Fae—one a warrior and one a scholar, they have something in common—for years they have been searching for the Lost Princess. Stolen from her cradle just nine days after her birth, Princess Lilliana is the last known descendant of Lolth, the Spider Queen. Sel and Krynn have almost given up hope of finding her when, on the very day an imposter is about to take the throne, the Lost Princess herself stumbles into the Hallowed Clearing.

Now Lily (who has been living a human life as a divorced, middle-aged mom,) has only days before she must ascend to the Throne of the Midnight Court. But in that time she must avoid assassination attempts and suffer through a transformation that leaves her beautiful…but deadly. For now she is subject to the Thirst—a craving for blood and sex that renders her so dangerous, she might kill anyone who is brave enough to try and satiate her needs.

Krynn and Sel know their Lady is a danger…but it’s too late to care. Both are in love with her. They join to give her pleasures she’s never dreamed of, but the Court doesn’t approve of the relationship between the Princess and her guards.
Will Lily live to become…the Queen of Midnight?
You’ll have to read this Spicy MFM Ménage Romantasy novel to find out!

***This book is the sequel to The Throne of Midnight but it can be read as a STAND ALONE novel

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