book cover of Devil\'s Deal

Devil's Deal

(The first book in the Jaga and the Devil series)
A novel by

The devil craves my soul. It calls to him like the scent of fresh blood.
I am not afraid.

The night of summer solstice, I do something stupid. Drawn to the power and fire of magic, I dance with the gods. I am not important enough to merit their attention.
But someone else is dancing, too. His fiery eyes burn into me as black paws circle my waist, turning me to the beat of his hooves. For one night, and one night only, I let him touch me.
When it’s morning and gods return to their shrines, he stays. His menacing shadow follows me, a dark cloak hiding me from the sun and the light of hope. Where I walk, flowers wither and children sicken, touched by his suffocating darkness.
The more I chase him away, the more he enshrouds me in his dark, powerful presence, whispering words of seduction in my ear.
He has something I badly need, but his price is too high. This devil's deal might break me.

Coming on summer solstice 2024.

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