book cover of Angel and the Geek

Angel and the Geek

(The first book in the Misfits of Magic series)
A novel by

Tech and magic don’t mix.Neither should a sexy angel and a geeky witch…

Devon Hart is a misfit who has never really fit into the magical community. Being blessed with a rare type of magic should be exciting, but for her, it has been nothing but trouble. She can’t complain too much, though. Not when her unusual abilities have earned her a coveted spot at one of the most prestigious magical academies in all the realms.

However, surviving school means more than just passing classes. As a tech geek, she has had to deal with her share of mean girls, snide professors, and people who want to use her for what she can do. But she has absolutely no freaking idea how to handle the hot, surly guardian angel who won’t stop threatening to destroy anyone who looks at her sideways.

Despite his rather legendary lineage, Braxton Lightbringer Angelis is no angel. Although he has the wings, magical abilities, and the dazzling looks of his race, he has never felt the sense of purpose that most of his kind are born with. But all of that changes the moment he meets Devon.

Brax finally understands his true calling in life is protecting and caring for his beautiful mate. Those who want to mess with her or use her will have to get through him, and he will gladly annihilate anyone who dares to try. But how can he truly protect his little tech witch when the greatest threat to their relationship is the secret he is keeping from her?

***Although it is recommended you read the series in order, you can be a rebel and skip around if you please. Each book will focus on different MCs, but previous characters will make appearances. This series is intended for a mature audience due to language and content. Do not bother reading if you don’t like fated mates, insta-attraction, and sugary sweet happily ever afters.***

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