book cover of Succubus Dungeon Collection

Succubus Dungeon Collection

A Dark Lewd Saga Adventure
A collection of stories by

Lucian, an outsider, always had a thirst for knowledge and unusual experiences.

Passing through the odd town, he is intrigued by tales of the strange dungeon. Gathering a small party, the mage leads the expedition into the dungeon's depths to understand why it's so important to the local inhabitants.

Ancient mysteries, dark secrets and hidden desires will turn the expedition into a fight for survival. Lucian and his party will stand between the world of Lukken and a horde of succubi as they attempt to seduce the upper world into submission.

Succubus Dungeon is a collection of three books, taking you on a journey of a powerful mage tasked with bringing evil back to a digital fantasy world. Lucian will use every dark trick and forbidden magical power to return balance to a world trapped in the light of goodness. He will enlist the aid of monsters, undead, and sensual demons, known as succubi, to ensure his new rule for the next thousand years.

There is a fourth bonus book added to the collection, Lewd Saga Dark. It entails the dark adventures of Gideon, a Dread Priest bent on fighting a terrible leech god in a dying digital world.

Warning: Succubus Dungeon is a story for mature adults, 18 and over.

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