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Her Twin Stepbrothers

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Andrea has a big problem -- if she can't find a way to keep the family bar open, she and her twin stepbrothers will go bankrupt. That's why she's visiting every bar in town looking for ideas.

Her problems only get bigger when she goes into the town's newest club -- and the owner mistakes her for the new hire. Now she's onstage stripping!

But her biggest problem is the twins, Sam and Eric, who decide to check out the new club too. Tall and athletic, with large muscles and enormous appetites, her stepbrothers have a huge reaction to seeing their stepsister take off her clothes in front of a crowd.

Will they forget about the whole thing? Or can they persuade her to give them a repeat performance ... in private?

Bonus novel: Failure to Stop (second chance romantic comedy)

** Please Note** This is a full length novel with lots of steamy goodness, with a bonus novel "Failure to Stop."