book cover of A Gargoyle for his Own

A Gargoyle for his Own

(Book 30 in the Paranormal's Love series)
A Novella by

Master vampire Krispin Stearling has led his coven for over one-hundred-fifty years. Ruling his people while running a successful hotel and bar—which affords the vampires a safe, discreet place to search for donors—creates a great deal of stress. Krispin finds refuge on his rooftop garden and meditates there often. Imagine his surprise when his beloved literally falls out of the sky, taking out a swatch of bushes with him. After Krispin drives away his beloved’s attacker, he takes him to his suite and ensures he’s well cared for. He learns his name is Washington, and he’s a tracker for the nearby Aerasceatle clutch. The gargoyle who’d injured him is a rogue he’s been tracking. While Wash admits to wanting to pursue his bond with Krispin, he has reservations. Wash’s clutch recently gained a new chieftain, a new inner circle, and he’s just coming to terms with the changes. Can Krispin convince Wash that switching his loyalty once more, to a vampire no less, will be well worth the upheaval it’ll cause to both their lives?

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