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(The tenth book in the Daddies of the Shadows series)
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Aria thinks her life is as good as it's going to get. She has a crummy job, a run-down apartment, and a car that is definitely on its last leg. She's determined to make it on her own, no matter what. The one thing she does have to look forward to in her life is her weekly visit to The Playground. When a silver fox of a doctor patches up her scraped knee, she's sure she's dreaming because no one has ever cared for her like this.


Tate is pretty sure he's destined to be alone. Who would want to deal with a divorced, middle-aged workaholic who needs a special kind of relationship to be happy? When he comes upon the most angelic and utterly lost woman who needs his help, he does everything he can to gain her trust.

He's wondering if she's the special woman he's been hoping for all these years, but will she let him into her heart?

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