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Sam's Promise

(The first book in the Blackwater series)
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This Thanksgiving comes with all the fixings...and something extra hot.

Blackwater, Book 1
Sam Jennings promised his father he'd always take care of the woman who yanked him and his four brothers out of foster care. When his adoptive mom has a near-fatal heart attack, Sam knows it's past time to live up to his word.

As he sets out to put the Blackwater Diner back on its feet, he runs into his first snag. Waitress Julie Rose's sweet curves and long legs are driving Sam to distraction. Even his brothers aren't immune to her kind heart. But Sam is determined to be the only man in her bed.

Julie doesn't regret the years she lost caring for her grandmom, but now, between business classes and her job, she's left with very little time and energy for dating. Then there's her policy about never getting mixed up with the boss's son. But Sam's hard body and wicked ideas have Julie forgetting all about annoying things like rules, and she accepts his invitation to show her all she's been missing.

Sam is more than willing to take things slow as he teaches her all about the pleasures of the flesh. Luckily for him, Julie is a darned good student...

Excerpt Copyright © 2011 Anne Rainey
All rights reserved -- a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication
Sam stayed where he was, safely several feet across the room. "Pleased to meet you, Julie."

She smiled but didn't speak as she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. He had the crazy notion to untuck it. "And the one grinning from ear to ear there is Vance," his mom went on.
Julie's gaze went to his brother. "You're the one with the construction business?"

Vance grinned. "Yep," he said as he stepped forward and shook her hand. "Nice meeting you, Julie."

"And Brodix there," his mom pointed out, "is the executive of the bunch."

Brodix didn't smile. He simply nudged Vance out of the way and took possession of Julie's hand. "Happy Thanksgiving, Julie," he murmured in that annoyingly charming way he had.
Julie blushed. "Thank you. Same to you." For some unknown reason, Sam had the urge to toss Brodix on his ass.

"You're quite welcome," Brodix said. "Such a pretty face is a refreshing change around here."
Sam noticed Brodix still hadn't bothered to let go of Julie's hand.

"Brodix, behave," his mother admonished as she slapped his forearm. Brodix let go and moved to the side of Julie, then glanced over at him. Sam glared at his younger sibling, willing him to back off. Brodix, the letch, only wagged his eyebrows.

"You've met Reilly, but I don't think you've met his twin River yet."

Reilly winked. "Nice to see you again, Julie."

"Hi, Reilly." She looked over at River. "Reilly's told me quite a bit about you."

River squinted at his twin before glaring at Julie. "In case he wasn't clear, I'm the sexy, smart twin."

Julie laughed, and Sam went rigid. Damn, she was gorgeous when she did that. And unless he missed his guess, his brothers thought the same thing. None of them seemed capable of speech all of a sudden.

"Modest too, I see," Julie responded, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

His normally brooding brother actually cracked a smile. "At last, a woman who gets me."

Sam noticed the way Julie bit her lip and looked down at the floor. "Okay," his mother intervened. "Now that we have the introductions out of the way, how about we get dinner on the table?"

"Thank God," River said. "I'm starved."

Everyone laughed and filed into the kitchen. Sam held back, waiting for Julie to go through the doorway first. She smiled shyly as she stepped in front of him. As he took up position behind her, his gaze inexorably went to her ass. Ah hell, he never should've looked.

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Title: Sam's Promise (Blackwater Book 1)
Author(s): Anne Rainey
Publisher: Entangled: Scorched
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