book cover of Dark Temptations

Dark Temptations

(The first book in the Misty Lyric series)
A novel by

No matter how much her friends pushed her, Ariana wasn’t a party girl and would never be one. She had tried and failed numerous times. This last time was the most embarrassing because the manager of the club they’d taken her to made her leave. How humiliating was that?

Xavier looked at the monitor and knew two things. One, the woman looked like an angel and had no place in his club. Two, if he didn’t get her out of there soon, a fight would start. Several men were vying for her attention, but the young woman didn’t seem to notice.

After dropping her at her home, he had one taste of her lips before he left, thinking that would be it. But every time he found her, he needed another kiss. He thought just one more would be enough and was wrong. He knew she would change his life, and he wasn’t sure he was happy about it.

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